Tuesday, July 1, 2014

photo love :: 22

noun--strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties :: an assurance of affection :: the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration 
verb--to hold dear :: to like or desire actively :: to take pleasure in :: to thrive in
{Source definition, in part, merriam-webster}

{Photo take by Emily on Instagram}

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Paige Denim + a favorite old top + OPI Liquid Sand + horseshoe necklace + shades of blue = mySTYLE june {38 wks pregnant}

top: An old one that I bought, from Blu in Durango, over six years ago. The color & beadwork were undoubtedly meant for me, and I had to have it regardless of its size large. It was on a clearance rack and I was barely pregnant with True when I found it. It is non-maternity. I had it taken in by a seamstress even to wear during pregnancy. It's a piece that I can only wear in the third trimester and have worn with all three of my babies...although I've darn near out grown it now! I've lent it to two different friends for their pregnancies. This top has had a good run, but I'll sure be sad to see it go. The brand is Blue Angels and I can't find them anywhere online. Let me know if you come across them! I'd love a postpartum replacement!!
jeans: Paige Denim, Skyline Ankle Peg Maternity Jeans - these jeans are amazing. Absolutely the most comfortable maternity jeans I've ever had. And perhaps more important, they don't make me feel like I'm wearing maternity jeans. I'm living in these and leggings right now.
shoes: Yes, TOMS is making sandals now!! I L.O.V.E. these shoes. Find the details in April's post here.

necklace: A delicate silver horseshoe & chain. This was a birthday gift from one of my closest friends several years back. I love large/chunky jewelry, but haven't wanted anything competing with my growing belly lately. I put this necklace on toward the beginning of the month and haven't taken it off. Unfortunately, the shop where Chloe bought this piece is no longer in business. But you can find a very similar one in a gold finish here and in sterling here.
earrings: Sterling silver & turquoise hoops; from a personal estate collection sold at Toh-Atin in Durango.
bracelet: Native American beaded cuff. Find the details in March's post here.
anklet: Pretty by JL Wish Anklet. Details can also be found in March's style post.
toenail polish: OPI Liquid Sand in their "Tiffany Case" blue.  

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

I am in love with the photos from this shoot. It might be because I've been putting very little effort into my appearance this month, but I dressed for the shoot, and I feel like these photos bring me back to life. Well actually, I think it's the highlights that probably brought me back to life this month! I've felt like a million bucks since Cassie put them in a couple of weeks ago. I may as well just consider them part of my natural hair color because it's what feels honest!! I gave my natural color a year long run. I'm glad I did, but I'm more glad that it's over. Anyway, I darn near always dress and accessorize to the same extent daily. But, I don't always wear mascara and lipgloss, and I only curl my hair a few times a month tops. This month I only applied the extras for my sprinkle {a baby shower} and for this shoot. 

Other reasons that I might love these pictures so much are because this is the last time I plan on taking maternity photos, because it's summer and I love summer, because of what the shades of blue & green do for my soul, or because of the location. The location is special, close to home, but not quite home yet. I need to finish writing, and you reading, A True Story to fully express and disclose the level of special that the location holds for me. Anyway, I will. But for now we have these photos.

This month has been an interesting mix of busy and relaxing. My Mom helped me with my kids in a way that allowed me nearly a week of one on one time with each. It was wonderful and I can't thank her enough for it. It also means that they each got one on one time with Grandma, which was terribly fun for both True and Elle West, and for Grandma! 

The busyness mostly comes from my last minute nesting urges. Evley's room won't likely be done before she arrives, but I'd been putting off getting her things together until it was. At last I put an end to it and just dug into my less than fun to dos. I cleaned out all of Elle West's clothes; grabbing what I could for Evley. I washed everything new and old. I gathered everything up from the shed {digging around in the shed is not a favorite task of mine} that I had stored and can use right away...and washed it all. And finally, I set up Evley's little crib and dresser in Gabe and I's room so that I have somewhere for her and her things when we bring her home. You know...it's just nesting. At least I feel ready instead of doomed and overwhelmed. Really, the feeling is what is worth most because the details involved don't actually matter that much in the beginning. It all comes together eventually and doesn't even necessarily make sense to have things ready in advance. Ready is sort of an illusion.

With ten days left until my due date I'm physically ready to meet our new baby girl, and I'm over the top excited to meet her in every other way, too! The anticipation has not ever lessened for me from one pregnancy to the next. You'd think having another baby when you already have two might somehow feel less like waiting for Christmas to the 100th power {when you're seven} than it did for the first baby. But it doesn't feel less like that at all. It still feels just like that. It's nothing short of torture actually. But, I'm doing my best to act, and therefore be, calm.

In next month's style post you'll get to meet miss Evley Love and I just might be wearing pajamas ;) Esther is looking forward to that and, as always, I owe her a big thanks for capturing my pretty this month. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Save the Date :: 5th annual family 5k walk/run

Save the Date for the 5th Annual Family 5k Walk/Run in Durango, CO!

Find the family friendly event details & sign up for a team HERE and ---->

Stay tuned to the PRETTYblog for the schedule of fun & awesome list of prize giveaways... Oh, and for the amazing brunch menu that will be provided by Serious Delights Bakery!


{As always, 100% of the event's proceeds will benefit Durango Pregnancy Center & Best for Babes Foundation.}

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Velvet strapless dress + Born sandals + Wild Hearts Forever + Freshly Picked + romantic updo = mySTYLE may {33 wks pregnant}

dress: Velvet strapless dress - non-maternity. I ordered this {and one in green} about 2 years ago from Garnet Hill. It's no longer available. This one would work while pregnant I bet, and this one is just stunning for post baby.
linen shawl: Garnet Hill - non-maternity. 2 years old & no longer available.
shoes: Born Myndy Sandal. So, the spring following having Elle West, I went on a nursing compatible shopping spree at Garnet Hill. Though the shoes have not a thing to do with nursing, I had to have shoes! Mine are in magenta, which is no longer available, but at least the style is. You can't go wrong with Born shoes...they are so comfortable and super stylish. If I were getting a pair now, I'd probably go for these gladiators in green!

Elle West: My baby girl is wearing an embroidered halter dress, which was a gift when she was brand new. We are excited to finally wear it this summer! Let me know if you find one like it, so I can link to it here! Her shoes are a loved pair of Freshly Picked moccs in bubblegum suede. They used to be bright and bold. But like favorite blue jeans, they've dulled and softened with wash & wear. I want these shiny ones for baby Evley. 

Find a link to a darling headband like Elle West's below {under accessories}. I looove this headband, and that it was a Christmas present, to her, from Daddy. She loves it too!

True: My favorite boy is sporting his Wild Hearts Forever - chase the call of your wild heart tee. I special ordered a few of these in larger sizes than offered, for the big kids on my list, this past Christmas. I'm not sure if that is still an available option or not...the shirt's graphic & saying sure does resonate with us, so I'm super glad that the gals of Wild Hearts Forever were so accommodating with sizes!! Be sure to check out their variety of stylish kiddo tees & onesies here

And how handsome is that tee with his black Wranglers?! This kid l.o.v.e.s. black Wranglers. Not just any I might add. They've got to have brass {instead of silver} snaps. The silver snaps come on the different version of Wranglers sold at Wal-Mart...we've tried them. He likes the kind sold at BootBarn and ranch stores. Who in the world would notice the snaps, but True?! It's the style/cut he cares about, but he describes them by way of snap color. Have I created a monster - or - is that just his wild heart?? Anyway, I'm over the fight when he now runs out of clean "brass" snapped Wranglers; when there's a huge stack of other colors/styles of jeans clean. From here on out I'm just buying the kid what he likes; variety free. On his feet are snow boots. Hand me downs. He loves them and will wear them throughout the summer, and has done so since the beginning of time. Another fight not worth fighting. Regardless, the kid looks good, and that's his style.

hair: Mine - "top knot" by Cassie at the Wild Horse Salon in Bayfield. Elle West's - styled by Cassie, too, with a Native American beaded headband from Waci-ci in Ignacio. If you're in the area, find Cassie & schedule an appt. at the Wild Horse Salon here.
necklace: Carico Lake Turquoise strand from Toh-Atin in Durango.
earrings: details in last month's post here
bracelet: details in January's post here
anklets: Pretty by JL - Customize mine here & Elle West's here.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Could it really be the last day of May??! In complete honesty, that is just fine with me!! That means that we get to meet sweet baby Evley in just over a month! I'd hoped to post this earlier this week...for no other reason than that Esther took the pictures two weeks ago, and that I've had the pictures in my possession, and so that I didn't feel crunched for time, and to not wait until the last day of the month again. Ah well, here they are and what a way to end May!

I loved this shoot. Or, what came from it I should say. The shoot itself was a fuzz stressful for me because I don't like trying to keep my kids clean. They aren't that sort. Elle West is/can be for sake of photos because she loooves to be in Esther's photos. So, she was pretty easy. True did his duty, and was then soaked from head to toe within sixty seconds of being turned loose; getting him to stay close in the first place was a little more of a challenge than I cared to deal with on that particular thirty-three-week-pregnant-day. But, the results were stunning and, as always, I'm so happy to have these pictures. Esther is great with kids and her boys were there to help, too; making us smile extra.

The location was again in Bayfield, at Little Pine River Park. You don't get a feel for the creek that's there from the photos I posted. But, the creek is like a natural lazy river that's perfect for kids to play in, and is the reason for the park. It will become a hotspot where Moms & their kiddos get together to cool off this summer. It's a gem that Bayfield residents have been enjoying for generations. 

Esther and I thought it was time to have a shoot with the kids, and before baby Evley arrives. I thought May to be quite appropriate & perfect, being the month of Mother's Day and all!! Elle West and I dressed up a tiny bit to celebrate, and because dresses are nice and comfy for me these days. I will likely sport them throughout the month of June for the same reason {nice & easy to hitch up to walk in the creek with, too!}.

As part of the celebration, Elle West and I had our hair styled before the shoot. Cassie, over at the Wild Horse Salon, has been helping me with some simple styles and products to help my hair seem less boring to me. I'm lazy with it, but still somehow think it should look un-boring! I might just bite the bullet and have a little blonde put in this month. Regardless of that, Cassie always does a great job on our cuts and going in for a style was no exception! She showed me how to do the top knot, and I've been able to reproduce it simply at home. It's a great style for summer.

Elle West actually was not scheduled for a style. I had her hair up in a little pony tail; one that looked cute with her headband. But when we got to the salon, she kept asking to have her hair done {Cassie cuts her hair, too}. I told her no and that hers was already done, a couple of times. Well, I'm pretty sure that she sabotaged/leveraged the situation by putting a comb in her hair and making a mess of her ponytail. In the process she also broke her hair tie. Cassie popped her up in the chair and took a curling iron to her hair. She even added a little product for volume. Elle West was delighted, and also happened to look adorable in the end. Yet another fight that didn't make sense to fight!

I've been loving our weather overall this month. We've had some super hot days and some rainy ones. I've enjoyed both immensely. Our backyard looks a touch like a jungle as a result of the rain, which just makes it even more fun and lush to sit/play in + has meant spending less time watering. Yay! Since school is out for True, we've just been lounging around our small town. I have a feeling that we will do more and more of that as my due date draws nearer!

I hope you had a wonderful May and that your summer is off to a great start!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

photo love :: 21

noun--strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties :: an assurance of affection :: the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration 
verb--to hold dear :: to like or desire actively :: to take pleasure in :: to thrive in
{Source definition, in part, merriam-webster}

{Photo taken by me on Instagram}

love... this time of year :: riding bikes :: that she has him :: that he loves her :: that she let him get {& stay} on :: small town Bayfield :: True Gatlin & Elle West :: that they're mine


Friday, May 9, 2014

Treat Yo Self :: OhDierLiving

{Products, People, Places}

{treat you self cake topper, by OhDierLiving, on Etsy}

I saw an image of the above cake topper in my Instagram feed last week and fell in love. Maybe "in love" isn't quite right, but let's certainly say that the innocent little cake topper spoke to me in a very serious way. Not only does it shamelessly demand that one take care of themselves in ways that no one else can {very much inline with my [PBfNM's] motto & mission}, it's also shown in my very favorite color...um, and on cake.

I instantly commented on the IG photo with, "Love this. Want a t-shirt & wall hanging in it too ;)"

William, the cute architect gone woodworker replied with, "we could do that."

I let him know that I'd be in touch on Etsy to talk specifics. OhDierLiving makes a variety of cool typographic wood signs, have a look here, and I've already got a t-shirt that I love from them. The sign wasn't on my list of needs, or wants for that matter, for the month. But, it was a spontaneous splurge that I couldn't bring myself to pass up.

Taking care of Mom has been coming up lots lately in my world. It doesn't so much relate to Mother's Day either. Although, today it came up again. So I find telling you in lieu of Mother's Day weekend appropriate.

I really noticed it about a week and a half ago when I took Elle West to the doctor. It wasn't the first suggestion, but it was the lest subtle of all previous suggestions regarding the topic. We saw Dr. Zemach, one of my favorites at Pediatric Partners of the Southwest in Durango. My guess is that he's in his late 40s or early 50s. He's a nice height, handsome, and has buzzed, lightly speckled gray, but mostly really dark hair. He speaks with a lisp, and is so charming that one might think {between the charm & the lisp} that he might be gay. However, he often times mentions his wife in quick yet attentive conversation.

After Dr. Zemach finished examining Elle, and diagnosed her ear infection, he gave her a job. He said, "Your job today is to take care of Mom, okay."

She said, "Okay."

He continued his instructions to her in sort of a sonnet-esque way by saying, "Because Mom always takes care of us, but who takes care of her?" After that he was pretty much done and out the door.

His words lingered with me a little longer, or a lot, and I began answering his question to myself.

Who takes care of Mom?

Well, the initial and obvious answer for me was/is, Gabe. I stay at home, and he works to support us. Alright, well who else takes care of me? It's sort of easy and complicated at the same time. I instantly thought about Gabe and money, but what about emotional care. Or, money aside, physical care. My friend Emily and I have talked about this before...we draw what we need, as moms, from a variety of sources. There isn't any single person who can satisfy all of our needs. And, what can be so tough is that we don't necessarily get to choose who it's from, or when. We are continuously under demands to attend to the needs of others. Yet, most times the moments in which we need something, there's no one but ourselves to demand it from.

So, who takes care of Mom?

We need a reserve inside us, in which we can draw from, in time of need. What/who feeds our reserve varies from husbands, friends, parents, siblings, our kids, articles/books, exercise, creative expressions, encounters/interactions with complete strangers, and ourselves. Really the list goes on and on. But, the odd thing is, no one really takes care of us but us. That's the answer to the question. Once a mother always a mother, and we are in charge of not only our kids' care from that point forward but, also our own. It's sort of a big deal.

Our care needs range from knowing when to keep quiet, when to talk, when to reach for someone who understands, when to buy new underwear, when & if to buy designer jeans, when to eat, when to sleep, when to get our hair cut and/or colored, when to call our daughters or moms just to talk & cry, when to have sex, when to just stop, when to GO, when to listen {to them, the birds, the wind, ourselves...}, when not to listen, and when to treat ourselves.

If we don't care for ourselves, if we don't set appropriate boundaries, and if we don't treat ourselves when we need to...then there's a pretty decent chance that the need won't be met at the moment in which we need it to be.

Not everyone needs a cake topper or Treat Yo Self sign hanging on their wall, and I'm not suggesting that they do. But, all Moms need a regularity of sources feeding their reserve in which to draw from. And all Moms need to know how to reserve the important bits, get rid of the rest, and how to draw from her reserve & when. We need to take care of ourselves in order to best take care of the ones we love.

I can't say for a second that I've mastered it. But, the Treat Yo Self sign that I've got coming will be a nice and pretty reminder. That's my Mother's Day gift to myself this year. Happiest Mother's Day to you, and a genuine thank you to the many who feed my reserve. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with the Moms and/or kids they love.


*I won't likely post a follow-up once I receive my sign, but WILL share a pic on Instagram. You're welcome to check-in @prettybyjl for a peek! Check out OhDierLiving on IG @OhDier.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

spring & summer party favors :: Wish Anklet favor set on Etsy!

I made the above Wish Anklets for a recent baby shower. It was such a hit, and fun idea, that I created a Wish Anklet Favor listing on Etsy!! Have a look here, and keep it in mind for your fun up & coming spring/summer events!

Perfect for...
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Graduation parties
  • Fourth of July B-B-Qs
  • Tween birthday parties
  • Sweet Sixteen parties
  • Beach Wedding favors!!!
  • Going away parties
  • and any other fun event you can think of!
Remember our Wish Bracelet & Anklet guarantee and find the whole scoop on them here!

Tag us on Instagram {@prettybyjl}, of you, in your Pretty by JL accessory!! #prettybyjl #iampretty

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